stuffy/the fuses

stuffy/the fuses are a four piece, hailing from the music spewing hyperbole of London Town. It's to their credit that this swamped locality only serves to emphasise the individuality that makes them so refreshing. They are singled out from the mounting legions of Kooks-esque, digestible, music by numbers bands currently chomping their way through the capital by their joyous, unforgettable live show. These frenzied displays of rock and roll spirit are perfectly reflected on their energy drenched debut album, Join Me Or Die. In particular stand out single "Where's The Captain?" which combines the unfathomable rock majesty of The Pixies with the youthful exuberance of Supergrass to stunning effect, shows The Fuses at their irrepressible best.

stuffy as well as boasting a wide range of bizarre facial expressions and gravity defying leaps, oozes bashful charisma and anti-hero charm that is instantly enticing and endearing. Dismissing the fact he is both drummer and a singer as wanton quirkiness would be a terrible error of judgement as he more than rises to the challenge of filling both roles in a way far superior to the majority of his peers. Accompanied by Jen, Jon and new recruit Lucy, The Fuses are poised for world domination. With second album Angels Are Ace, produced by little known knob twiddler Steve Albini, in the pipeline now this is as good a time as ever to sit up and take notice of this truly special band.

In short, stuffy/the fuses are an delight, brimming with personality and a equipped with the knack of creating mini indie epics. Their strong ethos of fun and rampant, vivacious energy makes them a force to be reckoned with and impossible to ignore. Resistance is futile, join them or die!

- Becci Brilliana

the questionnaire

jon fuse
Name: Jon Fuse
Place of Birth: Bangor, Wales
Instrument: Bass guitar
Which stuffy/the fuses song: In The River
I adore: Tea, Music, When I fix things and then they work, Gasometers
I deplore: Tea with sugar, When I fix things but they still dont work
Pastimes: Kite Flying, playing the cello
What would you like: better public transport
Underrated: bees
Everyone should read: The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy
Favourite word: Pwoebworski
Favourite smell: Strawberries, freshly mown grass, curry
Favourite song: Season Of The Witch, (donovan) performed by Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger And The Trinity
Five Albums:
1) Insignificance, Jim O' Rourke
2) Too Rye Ay, Dexys Midnight Runners
3) 1984, Eurythmics
4) Harmacy, Sebadoh
5) Brighten The Corners, Pavement
What do you want for your birthday:1962 jazz bass
Most likely to say: not much
Any last words:

lucy fuse
Name: Lucy Fuse
Place of Birth: Barrow, Bury St. Edmunds
Instrument: Organ, Piano, Synth & Voice
Which stuffy/the fuses song: Father & Son Divorce
I adore: ducks, cats, dogs, my bed, wine, sleep, fuses, stuffs, elfs, the street, warm tummy, Nintendo, lynch & lomo, mashed potato. The Moon.
I deplore: Getting out of bed, blancmange, bananas, banana blancmange (my worst nightmare.) The Moon.
Pastimes: computer games, taking photos with my camera (flashing all around), singing silly songs.
What would you like: a cup of tea.
Underrated: getting up early
Everyone should read: The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton
Favourite word: the forbidden word about Tuesdays.
Favourite smell: rain on hot pavements
Favourite song: Dinosaur Act by Low
Five Albums:
1) Isn't Anything by My Bloody Valentine
2) 5 Leaves Left by Nick Drake
3) Future Hotel by Autolux
4) Louder Than Bombs - The Smiths
5) Holdy Paws - Deerhoof
What do you want for your birthday: nice cake, homemade.
Most likely to say: I'm scared of (insert not very scary object here)
Any last words: Calm my boycee.

jen fuse
Name: Jennifer Fuse
Place of Birth: Ipswich, Suffolk
Instrument: Guitar & Voice
Which stuffy/the fuses song: Red Brown
I adore: family, fuses, cats, penguins, cake
I deplore: litterers, unnecessary packaging, Luton Parkway station employees
Pastimes: Worrying, Sudoku, checking my hotmail unnaturally often
What would you like: cleaner air, and some cake
Underrated: freedom
Everyone should read: my lips
Favourite word: orchid
Favourite smell: freshly cooked bread
Favourite song: The Man With The Child In His Eyes - Kate Bush
Five Albums:
1) Under The Western Freeway - Grandaddy
2) X/O - Elliott Smith
3) Treasure - Cocteau Twins
4) Come On Pilgrim - Pixies
5) Post - Bjork
What do you want for your birthday: a HOG
Most likely to say: sorry
Any last words: Awful!

stuffy g
Name: stuffy g
Place of Birth: Epsom
Instrument: Voice & Drums
Which stuffy/the fuses song: Father & Son Divorce
I adore: Cats, Red Wine, Kim Deal, France & The French, Hot Weather & early mornings, Snappy threads, Nairns Cheesy Oat Cakes.
I deplore: Rudeness, badly cooked food, The Paddingtons (except their drummer), lateness in others but not myself. Building, decorating and any home renovations.
Pastimes: Riding my bicycle and writing music. Building, decorating and any home renovations.
Underrated: Laziness.
Everyone should read: Heroes by John Pilger
What would you like: To be organized with competent memory skills and to obtain a stick thin figure with stunning looks to boot.
Favourite word: L'eqitation
Favourite smell: Coffee's ready.
Favourite song: Sorry Roy, I've met Dean by Montana Pete
Five Albums:
1) On Land & In The Sea by Cardiacs
2) Confusion is Sex by Sonic Youth
3) The Dance of Death by The Scaramanga Six
4) The Runners Four by Deerhoof
5) Yours Truly Angry Mob - Kaiser Chiefs
What do you want for your birthday: A nice bag to carry my trinkets about in.
Most likely to say: I like you, we should be together.
Any last words: When all this stop being fun it's time to pack up and go home.

angels are ace cover

Angels are Ace is out now, available through usual outlets, and the shop.

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stuffy/the fuses of south london - friends since for ever but only just in a band together. first album "join me or die" almost recorded on his own by stuffy with Owen Turner (Magoo)but soon it brought together the fuses.

Been travelling the country (uk) upwards and downwards playing the songs and gaining radio appreciation from many including the late, great John Peel, Steve Lamacq and Marc "Lard" Reily (all courtersy of radio 1).

Recorded a session for the Peel show which was aired on Huw Stephen's new onemusic show. this was followed by the band entering the studio to record album *2 with steve albini (shellac mainmain and recorder of jesus lizard, pixies, mclusky amongst others). it sounds ace.

stuffy/the fuses
Left to right: jon fuse, jen fuse, stuffy, lucy fuse