the myspace site, with exclusive tracks and scary gimp ring antics that only myspace can offer.
A quality label indeed, releasing the stuffy/the fuses | The Aprons split single
The Mighty Website of Wrath Records
Magoo's own label which released the Evel Knievel single.
The smashing Kabukikore, shortly to release In Praise of the Kitten EP

Chris T-T, most definitely with a hyphen.
iFORWARD RUSSIA! the forefront of the New Yorkshire scene (god help us)
Clor played their 2nd ever gig with stuffy/the fuses. They were ace and got signed the following tuesday.
Duels are ace.
Montana Pete
Something Beginning With L featuring Jon & Jen Fuse and sometime Fuses Tech/TM/Keyboardist Lucy Fuse.
Fonda 500 - if bands collectively could have best friends, they'd be ours.
Reunion Square - we do a lot of gigs with this half pissed whistling free loader.
The Scaramanga Six the band who torture from Yorkshire.
Keith John Adams - English singer songwriter and purveyor of fuzzy feelings.
Leila Music is bloody ace, we haven't called her for a while. I hope she still likes us.
Cathy Davey - excellent singer and songwriter from Ireland

Musical Resources
One Cat Studio.
They give Stuffy free stuff to smash.
Tom's lovely space.
Don't know your Arp from your Emu? - this could help

news for nerds, stuff that matters.
a random wikipedia page, more accurate than Encyclopædia Britannica
photoshop fun for those with too much time 'pon hands
kill bill

angels are ace cover

Angels are Ace is out now, available through usual outlets, and the shop.

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stuffy/the fuses of south london - friends since for ever but only just in a band together. first album "join me or die" almost recorded on his own by stuffy with Owen Turner (Magoo)but soon it brought together the fuses.

Been travelling the country (uk) upwards and downwards playing the songs and gaining radio appreciation from many including the late, great John Peel, Steve Lamacq and Marc "Lard" Reily (all courtersy of radio 1).

Recorded a session for the Peel show which was aired on Huw Stephen's new onemusic show. this was followed by the band entering the studio to record album *2 with steve albini (shellac mainmain and recorder of jesus lizard, pixies, mclusky amongst others). it sounds ace.

stuffy/the fuses
Left to right: jon fuse, jen fuse, stuffy, lucy fuse